(A project for Removal of Child Illiteracy)

  • Child is a universal concern

  • Child belongs to you

  • Child belongs to the whole world

  • Child personify the world's future

  • In ensuring their welfare, we transcend all decisions of the present

  • We participate in the shaping of human destiny

  • Neglect of the Children is the neglect of the Vital Sector of human resources.
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Literacy is an essential aspect of human dignity and a window to the world. India enters the 21st century with the maximum number of illiterates in the world.

                            Total literacy rate         :   42.94 Percent

                            Males                         :    52.68 Percent

                            Females                     :    32.52 Percent

  • Out of every 100 children who enter class one, less than half complete class two, and only twenty four complete class eight.

  • Out of every 100 girls who enter class one, only 30 complete class five.

  • 70 percent of the girls drop out from school even before they acquire functional literacy.

  • Five to ten percent of all children are working, giving India the largest labour force in the world - Child Workers constitute 6 percent of the labour force in the country.

  • Juvenile crime accounts for about five percent of all congnizable crime in the country.

  • All  these statistics tend to have a positive impact on the future of the young human resources.

Thus we have:

  • Children denied of their basic rights

  • Children without families

  • High risk children

  • Unattached children

  • Children in irregular situations

  • Working and street children
       An integrated and holistic approach to the development

       of children - Children in need - Children in Distress.
  • Education of the children before their dreams die young.
  • When you educate a child, you educate a family - When you educate a family, you educate a Society - When you educate a Society, you educate a nation.

God has blessed us all in many ways. ASHA NIVAS depends upon generous people like you to help. You can help to lessen the suffering of these children in distress and contribute to the development of a child. It will cost you just 1200 US$ or 1200 Euro to sponsor one child's education for 12 years.
Let us not allow dreams to die young.

Won't you reach out to be a blessing today?